Dr. Heather C. Mefford, MD, PhD.

Dr. Heather Mefford member of KdVS Foundation Medical Advisory Board

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Washington, Division of Genetic Medicine
Attending physician, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Genetic Medicine Clinic.

Contact Information

University of Washington
Department of Pediatrics
1959 NE Pacific St, Box 356320
Seattle, WA 98195
Email: [email protected]
Telephone Number: (206) 543-4748
Fax Number: (206) 543-3184


MD – University of Washington School of Medicine (2003)
PhD – University of Washington, Department of Genetics (2001) with Dr. Barbara Trask
Thesis: Evolution & biology of a subtelomeric repeat containing an expressed olfactory receptor gene
Residency – Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington, 2003-2006
Fellowship – Division of Medical Genetics, University of Washington, 2005-2008

Research Interests

Dr. Mefford’s research laboratory devoted to the discovery of novel genetic and genomic causes of pediatric disease. A major focus of their current work is to identify causes of pediatric epilepsy. To do this, they employ state-of-the-art technologies including whole exome sequencing, targeted gene panel sequencing and custom array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH). The Mefford lab has discovered numerous new epilepsy genes and copy number variants. Dr. Mefford has also been involved in the discovery and characterization of several new genomic disorders, including deletions of chromosomes 1q21, 15q13 and 17q12, each of which cause a range of clinical features. She is continuing to investigate individuals with these conditions to better understand the variable outcomes. Dr. Mefford’s clinical interests parallel her research interests and include seeing patients with genomic disorders and patients with severe epilepsies and neurocognitive defects of unknown etiology.

Selected Publications

1: Myers CT, Mefford HC^ (2015) Advancing epilepsy genetics in the genomic era. Genome Medicine 7:91

2: Carvill GL, Crompton DE, Regan BM, McMahon JM, Saykally J, Zemel M, Schneider AL, Dibbens L, Howell KB, Mandelstam S, Leventer FJ, Harvey AS, Mullen SA, Berkovic SF, Sullivan J, Scheffer IE, Mefford HC^ (2015) Epileptic spasms are a feature of DEPDC5 mTORopathy. Neurology: Genetics (in press).

3: Jones K, Schwarze U, Adam M, Byers PH, Mefford HC^ (2015) A homozygous B3GAT3 mutation causes a severe syndrome with multiple fractures, expanding the phenotype of linkeropathy syndromes. Am J Med Gen doi:10.1002/ajmg.a.37209 [Epub ahead of print].

4: Bernier R, Steinman KJ, Reilly B, Wallace AS, Sherr EH, Pojman N, Mefford HC, Gerdts J, Earl R, Hanson E, Goin-Kochel RP, Berry L, Kanne S, Snyder LAG, Spence S, Ramocki MB, Evans DW, Spiro JE, Martin CL, Ledbetter DH, Chunk WK, Simons VIP Consortium (2015) Clinical phenotype of the recurrent 1q21.1 copy number variation. Genet Med doi: 10.1038/gim.2015.78 [epub ahead of print].

5: Carvill GL, McMahon JM, Schneider A, Zemel M, Myers CT, Saykally J, Nguyen J, Robbiano A, Zara F, Specchio N, Mecarelli O, Smith RL, Leventer RJ, Møller RS, Nikanorova M, Dimova P, Jordanova A, Petrou S, Euroepinomics RES, Helbig I, Striano P, Weckhuysen S, Berkovic SF, Scheffer IE, Mefford HC^. Mutations in the GABA transporter GAT-1 cause epilepsy with myoclonic astatic seizures. American Journal of Human Genetics 96:808-15.

6: van Bon BW, Coe BP, Bernier R, Green C, Gerdts J, Witherspoon K, Kleefstra T, Willemsen MH, Kumar R, Bosco P, Fichera M, Li D, Amaral D, Cristofoli F, Peeters H, Haan E, Romano C, Mefford HC, Scheffer I, Gecz J, de Vries BB, Eichler EE. Disruptive de novo mutations in DYRK1A lead to a syndromic form of autism and ID (2015) Mol Psych doi:10.1038/mp.2015.5 [Epub ahead of print].

7: Larsen J, Carvill GL, Gardella E, Kluger G, Schmiedel G, Barisic N, Depienne C, Brilstra E, Mang Y, Nielsen JEK, Kirkpatrick M, Goudie D, Goldman R, Jähn JA, Jepsen B, Gill D, Döcker M, Biskup S, McMahon JM, Koeleman B, Harris M, Braun K, de Kovel CGF, Marini C, Specchio N, Djémié T, Weckhuysen S, Tommerup N, Troncoso M, Troncoso L, EuroEPINOMICS RES CRP, Bevot A, Wolff M, Hjalgrim H, Guerrini R, Scheffer IE, Mefford HC^, Møller RS (2015) The phenotypic spectrum of SCN8A encephalopathy. Neurology 84:480-9.

8: EuroEPINOMICS-RES Consortium, Epilepsy Phenome/Genome Project, and Epi4K Consortium (2014) De novo mutations in synaptic transmission genes including DNM1 cause epileptic encephalopathies. Am J Hum Genet 95:360-70. PMCID PMC4185114.

9: Mefford HC^ (2014) CNVs in epilepsy. Current Genetic Medicine Reports. 2:162-7.

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12: Watson CT, Marques-Bonet T, Sharp AJ, Mefford HC^ (2014) The genetics of microdeletion and microduplication syndromes: an update. Annu Rev Genomics Hum Genet 15:215-44.

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