7 Dec

Kool Warrior Morgan

Meet Kool Warrior Morgan! Morgan is 18 years old and an only child. She’s working hard on getting her drivers permit, and she volunteers part time at a thrift store / food bank. Morgan is on a National Champion competition cheerleading team! When Morgan’s not busy volunteering or cheering, she attends a transition program to […]

30 Nov

Kool Warrior Alexis

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior Alexis! Alexis is 21 years old and she has a twin brother! She works in a coffee shop as cashier and greeter. Alexis loves children and has been babysitting with the same family for about five years. She enjoys singing and serves as a greeter at her church. Kudos to […]

16 Nov

Kool Warrior Isra

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Isra! Isra is only 10 months old, but she is a crawling champ! She loves dogs and is very into clapping her hands. Isra is very strong and determined. She is always smiling! If you would like your Kool Warrior to be featured, please email a picture and 5 facts […]

20 Jul

Kool Warrior Isla

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Isla! Isla Mae is said to be quite the sassy little girl that loves to crawl in hyperspeed! Her favorite pastime is peek-a-boo, preferably at meal times so she can get her face extra messy. She loves to learn and laugh with her older brother and watch her favorite show, […]

13 Jul

Kool Warrior Avary

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior Avary! Avary is 9 months old and loves rolling around! She loves snuggling with her parents and is a huge fan of playing Peek-a-Boo! Avary is quite the snuggly baby. Her siblings can always make her laugh. When she’s not laughing with family or rolling around, Avary enjoys knocking her […]

6 Jul

Kool Warrior Maor

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Maor! Maor is 4 years old and a very fun-loving kid. He loves to play and make messes with his sister. Maor is very determined to work through challenges himself, even when his family offers him help. He is very sensitive and struggles with his own emotions when he sees […]

29 Jun

Kool Warrior Harvey

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Harvey! Harvey is 4 years old and loves to sing! He is a huge animal lover and is always smiling. He really loves superheroes. Finally, Harvey loves to communicate with makaton, which is a form of signing. If you would like your KdVS individual to be featured as a Kool […]

22 Jun

Kool Warrior Wyllow

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Wyllow! Wyllow has three brothers and is a huge music lover! She loves to talk and her favorite word is “Dada.” Her favorite cereal is Honeycomb and she loves to watch Frozen and Little Mermaid. Her mom says she’s not a people person, except for “mommy, daddy, and brothers.” We […]

15 Jun

Kool Warrior Dominic

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Dominic! Dominic is 4 years old and lives in Canada with his parents and three fur-siblings! Dominic loves meeting new people and is very social. He loves being outdoors and adventuring. Dominic has a smile that will fill your heart! He’s currently learning about animals and listens to the Encanto […]

8 Jun

Kool Warrior Kira

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Kira! Kira is 9 years old and loves her family, her friends and everyone at school. She’s a social butterfly! Kira is a huge Teen Titans Go fan and most marvel/DC characters. She is so kind to everyone around her and always goes out of her way to help. She […]