Investigator Grant

The Koolen-de Vries Syndrome Foundation (KdVSF) is pleased to announce their Investigator Grant program. Through our Investigator Grant, KdVSF hopes to accelerate the development of therapeutics for the treatment of those living with Koolen-de Vries Syndrome (KdVS).  This grant program is designed to facilitate investigations that will jumpstart research into KdVS and lay the groundwork for future grants from industry, government and nongovernmental sources, and private funds.  Grant recipients are asked to give 6-month updates to the KdVS community and the Medical Advisory Board on the progress of the research.  Previous research has focused on describing KdVS; we are now ready to move into therapeutics or a cure to improve the lives of those individuals living with KdVS.

Eligibility Requirements

International applicants are welcome.  However, all materials must be submitted in English.


The budget for this program is $40,000 USD for a one-year period.  Indirect costs will not be covered.  An itemized budget must include all materials (eg animals, reagents, salary, benefits, disposables, maintenance, travel, etc).  All must be in USD.  Multiple grants are available.

Application Requirements

Letter of Intent (LOI)

All applicants must submit a Letter of Intent (LOI).  This must outline your hypothesis in a concise and clear manner to non-scientific readers.  Please briefly describe your project, timeline, and goals in under 2 pages.  Be sure to include how your project aligns with the mission of KdVSF.  All LOIs will be reviewed by our Medical Advisory Board (MAB) and Board of Directors (BOD).  The five finalists will be invited to submit a full proposal to the KdVSF.

There are three grant cycles.  Please ensure that all LOIs are sent to Ashley Point, by April 30, July 31, and October 31.