1 Jun

Kool Warrior Cesc

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Cesc! Cesc is 2 years old and lives in Barcelona. His brother is his best partner in crime and his greatest accomplice! He just started walking, so now his family has to run behind him. He loves his closest family circle very much. Finally, Cesc is a big fan of […]

25 May

Kool Warrior Ellie

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Ellie! Ellie is 3 years old and lives in Switzerland with her family. She loves music and is obsessed with the solar system, rockets, Jupiter and the Apollo 11 mission, according to her mom. Ellie loves chocolate and strawberries and enjoys jumping on the trampoline! She knows at least 25 […]

18 May

Kool Warrior Ryder

Meet this week’s Warrior, Ryder! Ryder is 1 1/2 years old and lives in Oklahoma! He just learned to walk on his own (woohoo!) and loves to eat everything. He has fun playing with his dogs and loves riding his pony. Ryder also enjoys spending time playing with his big brother. If you would like […]

11 May

Kool Warrior Laura

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Laura! Laura is 26 years old and lives in the UK with her mum, dad, and younger sister. She is a proud auntie! Laura lives with epilepsy, but it doesn’t stop her from dancing, listening to music, and making everyone around her laugh. We’re so happy to share a little […]

4 May

Kool Warrior Ilan

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Ilan! Ilan is 7 years old and is from Wales! He loves going to school and spending time with friends. He’s a big fan of superheroes! Ilan loves people and enjoys making them laugh. He recognizes numbers up to 10! We’re so happy to learn about you, Ilan! If you […]

27 Apr

Kool Warrior Sergio

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, 11-year-old Sergio! Sergio lives in Madrid, Spain, but is originally from Colombia. He loves all things music, especially dancing! Sergio was told he wouldn’t walk, but he was determined to prove everyone wrong. Now he not only walks, but runs! Sergio loves to eat and is always SMILING! If you […]

20 Apr

Kool Warrior Jean-Karol

This week, we’re featuring Kool Warrior Jean-Karol! He’s 15 years old and lives in the South of France! Jean-Karol has two brothers that he loves playing LEGOs with. He also has a sister who he enjoys cooking with. Jean-Karol likes spending his spare time playing on his tablet and loves holidays with his family. If […]

13 Apr

Kool Warrior Wyatt

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Wyatt! Wyatt is 5 years old and loves to snuggle with his mom. He is a big lover of the outdoors and enjoys going on adventures! He is a huge fan of cats and meows at his favorite kitty, GreyBird. Wyatt is a great dancer and can bust a move […]

6 Apr

Kool Warrior Summer

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Summer! Summer is 14 years old and loves to dance and go horseback riding! She’s about to be a big sister soon and is so excited! She loves babies. Summer is from Perth, Australia, and is a great swimmer. She has a dog and two cats. Summer is very sweet […]

30 Mar

Kool Warrior Aaron

Meet this week’s Kool Warrior, Aaron! Aaron is 4 years old, but turns 5 on April 25th! He loves to dance and likes playing outside. He’s very friendly to everyone. Aaron will climb on anything! He especially loves to eat pizza. If you would like your KdVS individual to be featured as a Kool Warrior, […]