Help KdVS Foundation become Research Ready

Do you love a discount? Do you love KdVS gear? What about helping further important research? If yes, read on for a really cool way YOU can make a difference.

By simply providing your and/or your KdVS individual’s information to the studies and organizations below, you can help the KdVS Foundation become RESEARCH READY. Being Research Ready means the ability to organize and mobilize our community if a scientist contacted the Foundation with an exciting research opportunity. Please remember that your information remains confidential, and we at the KdVS Foundation will only share it with other families and/or researchers if you have agreed to it.

Still interested? GREAT! Here’s what you do:

STEP 1: Simply click each link below and provide the information requested.
STEP 2: Email that you’ve completed the signups.
STEP 3: Wait to receive your $15 off code for the KdVS Foundation Store AND KdVS bumper sticker!

KdVSF Contact Registry👉
CRID sign up👉
Rare-X surveys👉
Ocular Study👉
Speech Tracker survey👉

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