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Kool Kampaign 2021

July 17 - September 17

The Koolen-de Vries Syndrome Foundation is proud to sponsor the 2021 Kool Kampaign for Research. 100% of the donations received will be used to fund KdVS research projects. We are using an online peer-to-peer fundraising platform that we are asking families to share with their friends (via email, social media, etc). Money can be raised through a variety of means…just by sharing your fundraising page, but also through small events like lemonade (or maybe kool-aid?!) stands, restaurant give-backs, bake sale, car wash, birthday parties, races, etc. The ideas are limitless!

A huge thank you to Selena Stagner and Gary Nelson, Kool grandparents, for pledging to match every dollar donated up to $50,000!!! All donations received between July 17 – September 17, 2021 will be allocated for research.

Please join our Kool Kampaign facebook page to ask questions, generate ideas, and to cheer the Kampaign on!

Join us in fundraising using the GiveLively platform. Check it out! Need some help setting up your fundraising page? Here are step-by-step instructions!


Koolen-de Vries Syndrome Foundation