Concert Raises Awareness

Speirs KdVS Foundation benefit

This year, the KdVS Foundation welcomed the Speirs family into its global KdVS community.

Andy and Virginia Speirs studied harp and cello performance at the University of Utah. Excited about the upcoming 2019 Patient Advocacy Summit in Park City, Utah, they organized and performed a harp/cello music concert to help raise funding and awareness for the summit.

Most of the KdVS families in Utah were able to attend and through the process of preparing for the concert, another KdVS family was connected to our community!

Many people who attended were moved after hearing about the challenges KdVS kids endure and were very generous in their donations. Many also requested sponsorship proposals to take to their places of business to request additional funding for the 2019 Summit.

Speirs KdVS Foundation benefit

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