Age: 4

Sibling's Name(s): Kealey, Traci

Parent's First Name(s): Leah

Parent's Last Name(s): Fougere

Mutation or Deletion: Mutation

Diagnosis Date: 08/17/2021


How did you feel when your child was first diagnosed?

I was pretty upset, had a ton a questions and definitely didn't know what to expect.

What does your KdVS individual love the most?

Brayden loves trucks and trains, anything that drives really. He's such a sweet and caring kid. Just loves life.

How does KdVS affect your child?

Brayden is non verbal, has severe bronchomalacia. Kidney/bladder issues as well.

How has KdVS affected your entire family?

Kdvs has changed my outlook on life. I take nothing for granted. However my mental heath has suffered since braydens diagnosis. Just with the volume of doctors and appointments and still trying to work definitely gets to me.

What is the hardest part about having KdVS?

Probably the way others look at him. Like he's different or there is something wrong with him.

What is the hardest part about being a KdVS parent?

Worrying 24/7 what will the future hold. Worrying about health concerns. Just wanting him to be as happy as he can be.

What would you tell newly diagnosed parents about KdVS?

Your not alone.

Why are you asking people to donate to the KdVS Foundation?

It's a wonderful cause. These kids are amazing and deserve the world!