Send a Valentine

Do you know a KOOL person that you’d like to honor this Valentine’s Day? For a small donation, you can send any of the cards below to your special someone!

After completing payment with PayPal, you will be redirected back to this page. You’ll have a 10 minute window where you can send out multiple Valentines!

If you want to have your electronic Valentine’s Day Card delivered on February 14th:
Please check the “Schedule this eCard” box and select February 14th and a time for delivery!
Otherwise your Valentine will be emailed immediately.

Select the radio button beneath the image you want to send.

Special thanks to and the following artists for providing the above images: chatchai_stocker, samarttiw, Sira Anamwong, nirots, Phonlatuch, Tanya3597, Pixomar, holohololand, Tina Phillips, Natara, Sirichai, Lavoview, Rattikankeawpun, Feelart, Clare Bloomfield, Naypong, Simon Howden, jesadaphorn, digitalart, Ventrilock, Stuart Miles, Nirutdfp, David Castillo Dominici, and photoraidz.