Mandy Bylund

Board Member

Mandy was born and raised in Arizona and moved to Utah to work get a degree in Deaf Studies with a minor in psychology. After graduating, she moved to Washington DC to improve her fluency in ASL and work towards becoming social worker for the Deaf. She was accepted into the Master’s Program in Social Work for the Deaf at Gallaudet University, but her studies were cut short when she was blessed with a beautiful daughter, Emma, who was born with KdVS and needed mommy’s full attention.

Before becoming a mom, Mandy worked full-time as an interior designer, where her main focus was residential design, but she often did work with wedding planning and decorating on the side.

Mandy is now a full-time mommy and raises her two amazing girls, Emma and Audrey, with her husband, Aaron, in Orem, Utah. She enjoys volunteering at her church where she has spent many years as the activities coordinator, planning events and parties and also working with the youth.

Mandy has found so much joy being involved in the KdVS community since Emma’s diagnosis in 2016, and hopes tp support the KdVS Foundation in their efforts to improve the lives of KdVS families around the world.