Alicia Holcombe

Board Member

Alicia, a 20 plus year early childhood education specialist, is an advocate for developmentally appropriate practices within early childhood education.

She is currently a Franchisee Engagement liaison, with Goddard Systems, the franchisor of the Goddard Schools. Since graduating from Shepherd University, she is experienced in the areas of child development birth to 6 years of age, and has served in many capacities to help support teachers, families and children within the education field. You can find her work woven in daily routines, policies, and classrooms within the Schools.

Alicia lives in Colorado Springs with her husband Matt and two children, Allie and Anderson. Her son Anderson was diagnosed at 7 years with KdVS. She is the chair for the 2021 Patient Advocacy Summit, and her mission is to educate and equip KdVS caregivers with the tools to help advocate for KdVS individuals.